Iron Within, Iron Without

Next up on the list for Nine Days of Corruption is the Iron Warriors, the Sons of Perturabo and the insurmountable master of the art of Siegecraft and Garrison work. Once, the Iron Warriors were proud sons of Olympia, unfailing warriors of the Emperor. However, as the Great Crusade wore on, Perturabo's reputation for garrisoning began to precede him. At every turn, his Legion was spread further and further, forced into holding actions at every turn. Where other Legions were out winning glory, the Iron Warriors were left cleaning up the messes left behind by their brothers. When Rogal Dorn was called back to the Imperial Palace to act as the Emperor's Praetorian, it was the last straw for Perturabo.

When the Heresy erupted, Perturabo sided with his brother Horus, spiraling into darkness, until none of his soul was left untainted by jealousy and hate. Now, the Iron Warriors roam the galaxy and the Eye of Terror under the command of their foul Warsmiths, a dark leader who acts as both a twisted parody of a Company Captain, and Master of the Forge. The Iron Warriors bring about relentless sieges upon the unwary Imperium, and are not above using the Imperium's own weapons against them, fielding vast armies of Traitor Titans and vehicles in their unending crusade of destruction.

Warband Feroxian
Codex: Chaos Space Marines
Point Total: 2000 pts


-Daemon Prince - 155 pts



-Chaos Lord - 125 pts


-Daemon Weapon


-5x Chaos Terminators - 450

-4x Chainfists

-Reaper Autocannon

-Chaos Land Raider

-5x Chosen Chaos Space Marines - 155 pts

-Chaos Rhino


-2x Flamers


-10x Chaos Space Marines - 245 pts


-Missile Launcher

-Aspiring Champion

-Power Fist

-Chaos Rhino

-10x Chaos Space Marines - 245 pts


-Missile Launcher

-Aspiring Champion

-Power Fist

-Chaos Rhino

-10x Chaos Space Marines - 245 pts


-Missile Launcher

-Aspiring Champion

-Power Fist

-Chaos Rhino

Heavy Support

-Chaos Predator - 130 pts

-Lascannon Sponsons

-Chaos Vindicator - 125 pts

-Chaos Vindicator - 125 pts

-End List-


-Daemon Prince - The Daemon Prince is a powerful creature in it's own right, and with the added bonus of "wings" for mobility and Warptime, perhaps one of the most powerful psychic powers in any codex (Providing rerolls to hit and wound), it serves as a deadly foe to any force. The role of the Daemon Prince in this list is to act as a guardian for the Heavy Support choices, ensuring that the Vindicators and Predator can fire upon the enemy without fear of reprisal, while the rest of the force in the list press forward.

-Chaos Lord - The "Chaos Lord" (In this case, I recommend modeling him as a Warsmith, in true Iron Warrior fashion) is paired with the Chosen, and acts as a response force to enemy threats that would attack the slowly advancing castle of the other forces in this list. With a Combi-Melta to rend open enemy tanks and transports and a Daemon Weapon to unleash havoc upon the unwary inside, the Chaos Lord is a cheap, but effective HQ choice.

-Chaos Terminators - The Terminators are not only iconic of Iron Warrior forces (As seen in a majority of their artwork), but they are present to act as the spearhead for the rest of the army. With Chainfists, the Chaos Terminators can tear open any and all vehicles in the way of their advance, and the Reaper Autocannon allows them to unleash a punishing hail of fire upon any foe unprepared enough to remain within its line of fire.

-Chosen Chaos Space Marines - As mentioned earlier, the Chosen act in tandem with the Chaos Lord of this list, armed lightly with a single meltagun and twin flamers, the Chosen reinforce the Chaos Lord as he acts as a deterrent against outlying enemy incursions, and when not engaged in this task can act as a corralling force to ensure that the enemy does not move in any way you are not prepared to manage.

-Chaos Space Marines - The Iron Warriors are masters of Siegecraft, and thus would be armed to respond to such things. Meltaguns are ideal for opening breaches in enemy fortifications or vehicles, while Missile Launchers can take down light vehicles, and mitigate the threat of hordes charging the Iron Warrior force, making these squads ideally prepared to deal with any manner of threat. Power Fists are an added bonus to the squads, allowing the Champions of the Iron Warriors to be prepared to tear apart any enemy vehicle, barrier, or creature in their way, ensuring that the implacable advance of the Iron Warriors remains just that.

-Chaos Predator - The Predator is an iconic Space Marine vehicle, both Chaotic and non, and the Legion that is known for its use of vehicles would have Predators afield in almost every engagement. The Predator serves as an added threat within this list, riding within the center or rear of the advancing armor column, delivering searing Lascannon blasts upon enemy vehicles, ensuring the rest of the Iron Warriors reach their destination.

-Chaos Vindicators - The ultimate vehicle in terms of siege work and heavy firepower, the Demolisher Cannon of the Vindicators allow them to fire devastating volleys of fire into the enemy, both due to its large template, and the high strength and AP of its shots, ensuring the enemy does not escape unhindered no matter where they seek to hide upon the battlefield.

Conversion Center:

-This is a new segment of my blog, and will persist beyond Nine Days of Corruption, and into the future posts on this blog, so long as it is relevant. The Conversion Center will feature advice and suggestions for appearances, models, paints, and other things of that nature for the lists and other things I present in my posts. For the remainder of Nine Days of Corruption, any non-cult troop centered force will feature a Conversion Center post, detailing the aforementioned suggestions for different models required for the list. This is strictly on a trial basis, and if I do not receive enough feedback on the CC, I will discontinue it after the conclusion of NDC. Onto the Iron Warriors!

-Daemon Prince:

-An Iron Warriors Daemon Prince would more than likely be an elevated Warsmith, and as such, would likely be an amalgamation of both daemon-flesh and machine, and its model should reflect this.

-To reflect the presence of "Wings" on this model, a larger, twisted version of the iconic Space Marine jump pack, or the Raptor jump pack might be used to reflect the mechanical nature of this sort of Daemon Prince.

-For the legs or arms of such a model, parts of the Chaos Defiler or Chaos Dreadnought might be used, as the unholy forces of the warp bend themselves to the will of a former Iron Warrior, who by this point is obsessed with the machine.

-Suggested Models/Colors: Plastic Daemon Prince, Chaos Defiler, Chaos Dreadnought. Colors are recommended to stray towards the dark and metallic, to reflect the bionic nature that is often present in the Iron Warriors.

-General Suggestions:

-As most already know, there is both a Warsmith model and an Iron Warriors conversion kit available on the Games Workshop site, and these may be used to convert a force to be more true of the Iron Warriors style.

-Forge World has released the new armor marks on their website, allowing for conversions to the earlier suits that Space Marines wore, and as a Legion that abandoned the Imperium during the Heresy, such earlier suits would be present within the Iron Warriors forces. Specifically, the Mark II: Crusade Armour and the Mark III: Iron Armour are the most fitting for the Iron Warriors, based on the artwork of their Legion.

-End Conversion Corner-

Annnd that conclude the Iron Warriors post of Nine Days of Corruption. Thanks always, to the ever invaluable Starminer, and stay tuned for the masters of terror, the Night Lords tomorrow!


On the whole I like this list. I've long been a closet fan of the Iron Warriors just because the ideals they put forth are very near and dear to me.

I only have one question for you List Master: A Rhino? A bit flimsy as a Troop Transport for the Iron Warriors isn't it? I realize it's just a transportation piece...but even so, it's the rice paper vehicle of the Marines.

August 15, 2010 at 7:19 PM  

Yeah that's a problem with this sort of situation. There's just no other vehicle to choose otherwise I would

August 15, 2010 at 7:50 PM  

Like the Conversion center idea....keep up the good work List Maker Cain!

August 15, 2010 at 8:46 PM  

Cool list! I'd also like to recommend the Steam Knight heads from MaxMini. They look very closr to the MKIII Iron armor heads.

August 16, 2010 at 7:39 PM  

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