The Warriors of the Shadow

Annnnd it's the last and final day of Nine Days Nine Legions. I feel strangely satisfied and yet strangely sad. Today is definitely going to be the longest post of Nine Days and Nine Legions, featuring not only the list itself, but also a battle report of a game with my good friend Steve, and my plans for where to take the blog from here, and what you can do to participate. Now, onto the Raven Guard!

Strike Force Sons of Deliverance
Codex: Space Marines
Point Total: 2000 pts

-Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike - 195 pts

-Chaplain - 125 pts
-Jump Pack

-Ironclad Dreadnought - 170 pts
-Drop Pod

-Ironclad Dreadnought - 170 pts
-Drop Pod

-10x Tactical Squad - 235 pts
-Extra Armour

-10x Tactical Squad - 235 pts
-Extra Armour

-5x Scout Squad - 100 pts
-4x Snipers
-Missile Launcher
-Camo Cloaks

Fast Attack
-10x Assault Marine Squad - 240 pts
-2x Flamers
-Pair of Lightning Claws

-10x Assault Marine Squad - 250 pts
-2x Plasma Pistols
-Thunder Hammer

-5x Vanguard Veterans - 280 pts
-6x Lightning Claws
-2x Storm Shields
-Jump Packs

-End List-

-Kayvaan Shrike - Shrike is the embodiment of what it is to be a member of the Raven Guard. Stealthy, quick, and quiet, Shrike survived three years behind enemy lines when his forces were stranded in battle during the Targus Campaign (Under attack by a Waaaagh!), and is renowned Segmentum wide for his stealth and assassination capability. But onto his rules. Shrike brings the usual Captain statline to the table, along with some very important buffs. Thanks to his version of Chapter Tactics, all units with Combat Tactics exchange it for Fleet, allowing them to travel faster and farther than normal, embodying the lightning attack philosophy of the Raven Guard. On top of this, Shrike possesses See, But Remain Unseen, which allows both himself and a unit he is attached to use the Infiltrate special rule (Allowing him to position himself and a key unit of choice behind enemy lines). Rounding out his virtues, Shrike is also armed with The Raven's Talons, master-crafted Lightning Claws that bestow the Rending USR, allowing him to harm creatures and vehicles he would not normally be able to touch.

-Chaplain - The Chaplain is a powerful support unit, able to buff a unit far beyond their normal capacity, thanks to Honour of the Chapter (Bestows the Fearless USR on his unit) and most importantly, Liturgies of Battle, which allows a unit to reroll all failed to-hit rolls on the turn it assaults. Adding in the advantages of the Crozius Arcanum (a power weapon), and the Rosarius (providing a 4+ Invulnerable Save) and a Chaplain is an invaluable support choice to lead an assault squad.

-Ironclad Dreadnought - I know some of you are going to be wondering how on Terra i'm going to explain the use of loud, siege dreadnoughts in a Raven Guard list. Well, we're going to approach this from that exact viewpoint. If you were to plan an assault on a key enemy location or person, and you wished for a distraction, what better distraction than a vehicle designed to be loud and powerful? Feint a siege, while infiltrating behind and accomplishing your objective. Not to mention, with it's Seismic Hammer and added armor, the Ironclad has staying power, something vital in a list like this. Sic these Dreadnoughts on enemy vehicles and watch them crumble before their three attacks and their power of the Seismic Hammer, distracting your foe long enough to plan your assault upon his forces.

-Tactical Squad - It might seem odd to include Tactical Squads in a Raven Guard list, but I think people misinterpret just exactly how the Raven Guard function. For one, the Raven Guard ARE a codex Chapter, and thus are made up of a majority of Tactical Squads. For two, I believe the common idea that most people have is that the Raven Guard are essentially black colored Blood Angels, an idea that could not be more false. The Raven Guard believe in the quickest and most silent method in accomplishing their task, slicing the "head" off enemy formations, taking apart vital enemy installations, whereas the Blood Angels are all about "honourable" close-combat maneuvers. The Raven Guard oft use Jump Packs because it provides the quickest route to their goals, but would just as easily surrender them should the task require it. But enough about that. These Squads are armed with Meltaguns and Lascannons, providing vital anti-vehicle support in a list that requires it. The Tactical Squads will bring up the front of the advance spearheading the way with the Scout Squads and allowing the Assault Squads, to get into position to carry out their vital roles in battle.

-Scout Squad - Scouts are emphatically Raven Guard, silent, quick, and deadly, able to accomplish tasks efficiently from far off locations, leaving the enemy none the wiser. This Scout Squad will bring up the front of the advance with the Tactical Squads, pinning down dangerous enemy targets and laying down covering fire into enemy formations with it's Missile Launcher. Camo Cloaks allow the scouts to move through cover unseen and protected from enemy fire.

-Assault Squads - These Squads were an interesting choice for me to take, since they go against my traditional tactical philosophy of Uniformity of Purpose, but since these units AREN'T performing the same purpose, i've broken from my usual rule. Assault Squad One is attached to the Chaplain, gearing the unit up perfectly for anti-horde/anti-troop duty, while Assault Squad Two will be running interference against enemy elites or Monstrous Creatures, unleashing a hail of plasma fire into enemy formations before turning the deadly Thunder Hammer upon what remains.

-Vanguard Veteran Squad - The Vanguard Veterans are a unit often called into question, possessing a high cost for what most people deem low survivability. In most cases, I would agree with this analysis, however much I love this unit. However, this particular unit serves as both an escort to Shrike (Shrike's Wing) using Infiltrate to insert themselves behind enemy lines in prime position to assault vital enemy targets, and a pseudo-"Death Star" unit, equipped with powerful gear to take apart the most important targets, while drawing away enemy fire from the rest of your army. Equipped with four pairs of Lightning Claws in total (Including Shrike's) and twin Storm Shields, this unit is both highly survivable and deadly, allowing it to take apart nearly anything deemed a priority target.

-End Analysis-

-Closing Thoughts - This whole Nine Days Nine Legions project I decided to work on has done a lot for me as both a list maker and a player. It has reaffirmed by belief in the fact that lists can be lore accurate and still be deadly, and I hope i've conveyed this idea to you, my audience throughout the process. From this point forward, I will be posting sporadically on random topics as they strike my fancy (Tactics, lists, lore, painting, etc.), and perhaps other projects similar to NDNL for other armies or other themes (Like Successor Chapters). However, if there is something you wish to see covered, be it a question you'd like answered, a tactic covered, a list examined or created, or anything of the like, you may contact me at (Don't ask), or leave it in the comments section and i'll address your questions or requests in a blog post. Also, if I get enough requests for me to do another project like NDNL (like a Traitor variant or an Eldar variant) I will do so. I hope this was as fun as for you as it was for me!

-A Call to Arms - With the end of NDNL, I thought it was fitting to request something of you, my beloved audience. Having seen the lists, and having experienced what I intended, I want to put out a call to those of you who are debating using one of these lists. Models! I want to see your painted models! July 31st, I am going to feature a follow up post to Nine Days Nine Legions, featuring pictures, both yours and mine, of either HQ choices, Squads, or in fact an entire force from one of the lists of NDNL. So there you go readers, if you wish to be featured here, whether it be to demonstrate your talent, get your name out, or just because you want to, you have 28 days to get to it! I'm counting on you!

Courage and Honour, Brothers!

-Ciaphas Cain

And a special thanks to Starminer, Demonllamma, and all the others that contributed to this project as it went forward, and encouraged me to keep it going. You're the best guys.

Oh and also...

Battle Report - The Battle for Narthicis Gate
List: Raven Guard 2000 pts
Enemy: Tyranids 2000 pts
Type: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitched Battle

A teaser for the Batrep to come when I have more time. Get ready for some fun!


Looking forward to the battle report. Like the look and feel of this RG army as well. Great work on this challenge cc.

July 2, 2010 at 11:17 PM  

I agree with Rancor, I had a few quibbles here and there but nothing in the grand scheme of things. It was entertaining to follow along through your reasoning and you ended it off brilliantly with the Raven Guard. Of all the lists you have posted I think this one is the most inspirational.

July 3, 2010 at 5:07 PM  

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