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With the advent of the Badab War Campaign out of Forge World, i've been tasked by multiple people with developing some Red Scorpions lists for use in pitched battle! This is an exciting deviation for me, allowing me to work with Forge World Rules, something I almost never get to do, and thus i'm bending all my skill towards making these the best, fluffiest lists possible. Now, for a bit of introduction to my list theory for the Red Scorpions. From what i've gathered from Forge World books such as The Anphelion Project and The Siege of Vraks, the Red Scorpions seem to favor deep tactical analysis followed by strikes with overwhelming, unstoppable force, and thus they were the perfect army to demonstrate a unique form of list synergy called Mass Threat.

Mass Threat functions on the premise of presenting so many deadly targets, with greater than normal survivability, forcing the opponent onto unsure footing, unable to pick which target is the greatest priority, which allows the player the ability to take down an opponent's force before they ascertain which unit is the best target. It was my goal to convey this with the Red Scorpions list.

Strike Force Culln
Point Total: 2000 pts
Codex: Space Marines (With Forge World modifications)

-Commander Carab Culln - 190 pts

-Magister Sevrin Loth - 230 pts
-(Tigurius Counts-As)

-5x Assault Terminators - 450 pts
-3x Pairs of Lightning Claws
-2x Thunder Hammers & Storm Shields
-Land Raider Redeemer

-10x Sternguard - 320 pts
-Power Fist
-6x Combi-Meltas
-3x Combi-Flamers

-10x Tactical Squad - 220 pts
-Plasma Cannon

-10x Tactical Squad - 220 pts
-Plasma Cannon

Heavy Support
-Predator - 120 pts
-Lascannon Sponsons

-Predator - 120 pts
-Lascannon Sponsons

-Vindicator - 125 pts
-Siege Shield

-End List-

-Commander Carab Culln - Culln is a 190 point monster. Not only does he have a 2+/4++ save combo, but he also has Eternal Warrior, a Relic Blade, and a Master-Crafted Stormbolter. Culln rides with a Squad of Assault Terminators, with both Thunder Hammers & Storm Shields, and Lightning Claws, making him an enemy HQ slaying machine, extremely difficult to kill, and laying down punishment from his Land Raider Redeemer like no one's business.

-Magister Sevrin Loth - Seeing as how the rules for Loth have yet to be released, I chose to have him function as Tigurius, adding invaluable support to his unit of Sternguard Veterans, gating them around the field to put them in optimum position every chance they get, defending them with Force Dome, and ruining the enemy's survivability with Null Zone. And should he be brought to bear against vehicles to aid his squad's Melta fire, he can lash out with The Might of the Ancients, boosting himself to Strength 6, and providing an extra 2d6 towards his armor penetration roll.

-Assault Terminators - Roles were explained with Commander Culln

-Sternguard Veterans - The Sternguard provide a service in the form of a rapid response force. The Sternguard are already deadly thanks to their Special Issue Ammunition, but combined with their Combi-Weapons, their power is multiplied. With Combi-Meltas, they can rend open any enemy vehicle short of a Monolith, and thanks to their Combi-Flamers, they can stem the tide any horde wielding opponent will seek to unleash upon the list's Tactical Squads. With the ability to respond to any threat at any location, thanks to Tigurius and his Gate, the Sternguard are a solid Counter Unit.

-Tactical Squads - This list has fewer Troops than I would usually espouse, thanks to the Red Scorpion's unique ability to replace their Sergeants with Apothecaries. With the addition of Apothecaries, the tactical Squads become nigh immovable objective holders and line defenders, thanks to Feel No Pain. Equipped with Flamers to hold off any mass unit charge, and flush units out of cover, the Tactical Squads can deal with the threats presented by many mass unit armies, and with the safety net of Feel No Pain, the Tactical Squads can unleash the pulsing hell that is the Plasma Cannon, slapping down templates capable of annihilating anything short of a Terminator Squad.

-Predators - Always a reliable unit in any Space Marine army, the Predators serve as an Anti-Mech unit to support the defending Tactical Squads, ensuring the threats of the erstwhile Imperial Guard tank is but a threat, and never a death knell.

-Vindicator - The Vindicator is yet another high priority unit, making the enemy even more unsure of where to stand when facing this list. The Demolisher Cannon slams down S10 Ap1 templates capable of ruining the strongest of units, adding but one more threat for the enemy to worry about.

-End Analysis-

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this list! Look forward to more as time inches forward!


Cain..did you account for the cost of the LRR? You mention it in the Analysis but it's not listed in the Points Totals above...

September 15, 2010 at 7:03 AM  

Interesting Cain,

September 15, 2010 at 5:13 PM  

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